“I am not vegetarian and usually my parameter for choosing food is the amount of pleasure I will get from it. The food that this young charming guy made was extraordinary!!! Highly recommended- a rare recommendation from usually a pure hedonist about healthy food”

(Maya Schnaidman, guest, Israel)


“Alexander is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met. Food-wise he’s a genius. He’s willing to push borders and boundaries and he’s a perfectionist from top till toe. Besides that, Alexander likes to create and share his ideologies with the world. Doing that he tells people about food in a very pleasant way.”

(Christine Burgemeester, founder and director Vegetafel, The Netherlands)


“Having you and your sister with our family for Christmas was such a pleasure!
Your beautiful plates and the fantastic food were the main attraction of our holiday. You made everybody happy: long time vegans and vegetarians, kids as well as skeptical omnivores! Our meat-eating friends from Colombia couldn’t believe they were liking it so much. My in-laws were so much looking forwards to each meal that they barely left the house during 3 days!
As for me, a veteran vegan, I had no idea there was such a variety of foods I still hadn’t tried. I learned so much: the experience of the morning miso broth and quinoa porridge, the infinite combinations of salads and the subtle use of seaweeds, the sushis, wraps, tempuras and satay variations were a delicious education and an eye opener on the possibilities of good, wholesome, healthy, balanced vegan cuisine.
Bravo! Encore!”

(Mara Bertelli Sanz, Director Yoga Roof, Switzerland)


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