Cooking classes

 If you are interested in hands-on experience for individuals or groups,

you can order us privately.


For the full schedule please visit our new website:


We would like to inspire you to cook tasty and healthy meals at home on a daily basis. Alexander, the chef of Vegan Sundays, will explain the principles behind this way of cooking and will demonstrate how to cook 5 different dishes that are delicious, nutritious and that everybody can easily prepare at home.

Alexander will explain the philosophy and guiding principles behind healthy plant based cooking based together on Western dietary approach, traditional Eastern philosophy and macrobiotic cooking.

In the end of the class you will get a taste from all the dishes that were prepared and a print with all the ingredients.

13:00- beginning

Duration- approximately 3 hours

Location- WestSide Slotermeer, Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam

Price- 32,50 Euros/37,50 Euros

(early reservation price till 7 days prior the event/late reservation)

10 classes card (valid for 1 year)- 300 Euros

Reserve your spot here:












17 responses to “Cooking classes

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  9. hey alex, Is this workshop also possible with 5 vegan dishes? I want to give this class to a vegan friend of mine as a birthday present.

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  11. Dear Alexander, I hope you are well. I have been traveling a lot and missed your Vegan Sundays, unfortunately. I was wondering if you do a vegan sausage workshop or lesson?

    Thanks in advance!



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