Cooking classes

Please note, the cooking classes that are listed bellow are all cooking demonstrations! You can order us privately if you are interested in hands-on experience for individuals or smaller number of participants.

14th of January, Sunday, 13:00

Good morning cooking class- cooking the perfect breakfast to start the day with a lot of energy.


11th of February, Sunday, 13:00

Protein rich dishes- learn how to cook energy boosting dishes and get the full protein from a plant based diet.

11th of March, Sunday, 13:00

Detox and spring cleansing- learn about healthy detox foods to clean the body during the spring time, feel light and loose weight.

8th of April, Sunday, 13:00

Kimchi and fermentation- learn about the magical and delicious world of different fermented foods and learn how to make your own kimchi.

13th of May, Sunday, 13:00

Sugar free cakes and desserts for mother’s day- learn how to make delicious and heavenly tasting desserts completely suger free, egg free and dairy free.

10th of June, Sunday, 13:00

Protein rich cooking and dishes- learn how to cook energy boosting strengthening dishes and get the full protein from a plant based diet.

8th of July, Sunday, 13:00

Vegan barbecue and summer cooking- Light, fresh and quick dishes for a colorful summer meal, for the park or for a vegan barbecue.

26th of August, Sunday, 13:00

The big middle eastern table- Learn how to make delicious falafel, hummus, babaganush and more.

9th of September, Sunday, 13:00

How to eat vegan- Everything you need to know about how to build a wholesome vegan meal and how to get all the nutrients that the body needs from nature.

7th of October, Sunday, 13:00

Autumn cooking class- Pumpkins, parsnips, celeriac and more. Enjoy the sweet, earthy and comfort cooking of this beautiful time of the year.

11th of November, Sunday, 13:00

Protein rich dishes- learn how to cook energy boosting strengthening dishes and get the full protein from a plant based diet.

9th of December, Sunday, 13:00

Festive cooking for family and friends- Alexander will demonstrate how to cook a festive and delicious vegan meal that your family and friends would love!


We would like to inspire you to cook tasty and healthy meals at home on a daily basis. Alexander, the chef of Vegan Sundays, will explain the principles behind this way of cooking and will demonstrate how to cook 5 different dishes that are delicious, nutritious and that everybody can easily prepare at home.

Before the cooking class you can order a vegan brunch made by chef Alexander for a special price of 15,00 €.

In the end of the class you will get a taste from all the dishes that were prepared and a print with all the ingredients.

12:00-13:00- arrival and brunch for those who want

13:00- beginning

Duration- approximately 3 hours

Location- WestSide Slotermeer, Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam

Price- 32,50 Euros/37,50 Euros

(early reservation price till 7 days prior the event/late reservation)

10 classes card (valid for 1 year)- 300 Euros

For registration please fill in the form bellow and receive a conformation e-mail with the payment details:












12 responses to “Cooking classes

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  9. hey alex, Is this workshop also possible with 5 vegan dishes? I want to give this class to a vegan friend of mine as a birthday present.

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